Unity Project


Unity / Diploma Final Project

Project Giri

This is a samurai background, pixel painting style, and focus on the reality of one knife to die a life mechanism. There are three types of games: story mode, multiplayer versus mode and multiplayer survival mode, and the most important of these models is multiplayer versus multiplayer.

I work in this development team for particle effects, UI design and implementation, assistant programming, assistant art design, and scene lighting adjustments.


Unreal Enigine Project


Unreal Engine / Assignment

Mountain Mansion

We create a project, with a theme of deep mountain mansions, a project that requires us to create an environment and music to simulate the feeling of a mountain mansion.

My work on this project includes indoor and outdoor scene layout, particle effects, lighting effects, and looking and download for the desired model.


Adobe Professional Flash CS6


Adobe Professional Flash CS6 / Assignment

The Owl

It is the focus of this project to use Adobe Professional Flash CS6 to create a 2D interactive animation so that the viewer can interact with the animation effectively. The project is divided into three stages: owl's food chain, owl's behavior, and owl's lifestyle.

I am mainly responsible for the owl's food chain, and the design of the home page includes the interaction of the home page owl.

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